Routledge Concise History of World Literature

On Litnet forums, I have been engaging in some discussions with other readers regarding world canon. One (maybe obvious) that came across is that ultimately world canon is linked to how people write "history of world literature" (or by extension, how people write "world intellectual history").


With this thought in mind, I have just come across this to-be-published book by Routledge:

The Routledge Concise History of World Literature


Table of Content:

1. Introduction: the (Re)Turn of "World Literature"

2. Goethe’s "Weltliteratur" and the "Humanist" Ideal

3. World Literature and Comparative Literature

4. World Literature as an American Pedagogical Construct

5. World Literature and the Literatures of the World

6. World Literature in the Literary Marketplace

7. World Literature and Translation

8. World Literature, (Post)Modernism and (Post)Colonialism

9. Conclusion: The Struggle for World Literature?


Looks like it is focused on the 20th century, but a promisingly interesting title. To be published in Oct / Nov!

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