Indian Moderns (per Basham 1984)

I have read the 3 chapters on  modern Indian reform / nationalist movements in Basham 1984. Some comments on the names used:


1772-1833 Ram Mohan Roy - first significant Indian calling for "religious / social reform", and set up organization for it. Bengali.


1818-98 Sayyid Ahmad Khan - moderate "modernist" advocating Islamic reform. 


1834-86 Ramakrishna - Bengali, founder of its own order, with Vivekananda as his disciple


1869-1948 Mahatma Gandhi - essentially India's political leader between 1920-1947, leader of 3 major national-level movements. Method of protests influential in many other social movements afterwards. Very good potential to be canonized in the future - in my view.


1872-1950 Sri Aurobindo - primarily a philosopher; not much real social influence.


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