History of Persian Literature - Series Plan

This new series is now being published by I.B. Tauris. The plan of the series (roughly) is as follows: (The exact titles are here at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/center-for-iranian-studies/programs-and-pubs/main/pub-list/HPL.html)


I: General Introduction

II: Persian Poetry 800-1500A.D.: Panegyrics, Ghazal, Quatrains

III: Persian Poetry 800-1500A.D.: Mathnavis, Stropic / Occasional Poems, Satirical; shahrushub [sic?]

IV: Herioc Epic

V: Prose

VI: Religious / mystical Literature

VII: Persian Poetry 1500-1900A.D.

VIII: Persian Poetry outside Iran -- India, Anatolia, Central Asia after Timur

IX: Prose outside Iran -- India, Anatolia, Central Asia after Timur

X: Historiography

XI: Early 20th century

XII: Modern Persian Poetry: 1940-present

XIII: Modern Fiction / Drama

XIV: Biographies (of writers) - Classical

XV: Biographies (of writers) - Modern

XVI: Index

XVII: Pre-Islamic Iran

XVIII: In non-Persian Iranian languages



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