Key Figures of Islamic Tradition, According to Marshall Hodgson (8)

Muslim Philosophers and Theologians in the Early Middle Period


1111, al-Ghazali, limitor of Falsafah, harmonizer of Sufism and Suynnism

1138, Ibn-Bajjah, Andalusian vizier and physician-Faylasuf, interested in the union of the soul with the Divine

1185, Ibn-Tufayl, Andalusian secretary and physician-Faylasuf, author of allegory Hayy b. Yaqzan, mysticism as culmination of Falsafah

1191, Yahya al-Suhravardi, Faylasuf, cosmologist, founder of Ishraqi school building on Ibn-Sina

1198, Ibn-Rushd (Averroes), Andalusian qadi and physician-Faylasuf in a strong Aristotelian manner rejecting Ibn-Sina (Avicenna) and Ghazali

1209, Fakhruddin Razi, anti-Mutazili mutakallim, suppoerter of Ashari positions, teacher and preacher, well versed in Falsafah

1269, Ibn-Sabin, originally Andalusian Aristotelian-style Faylasuf, turned Sufi

1274, Nasiruddin Tusi, Faylasuf, astronomer, codifier of Imami Shii teachings, served the Assassins and Mongols


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