Chinese Canon - "Histories" written during Qing

I am here referring a general reference work on Chinese History of History (edited by XIE Baocheng, published in 2006 by the Commercial Press, and just pick up the key works mentioned that is not included in Si Ku.


- Wang Fuzhi's Du Tong Jian Lun / Song Lun - This is a work of historical commentaries; really on the border line of whether it is a genre the canonical text list should include.

1. Xu Zi Zhi Tong Jian - covers histories of Song and Yuan; a group compilation, with contributors including Zhang Xuecheng, whose Wen Shi Tong Yi was a work mostly classified as a historiographical work (like Liu Zhiji's Shi Tong). Of course, the coverage of Yuan histories is still "truly traditional", i.e. did not include many of the new works on Mongolian / Yuan histories done in the 19th and early 20th centuries by traditional scholars.

- Zhao Yi's Notes on 22 Histories and or Qian Daxin's Comparisons among 22 Histories are both interesting works, but more in the category of historical studies (figuring out the detailed facts when there are potential inconsistencies among sources) together with commentaries. Again, they are botherline type of work to include. Zhao Yi was also an accomplished poet. 

Gang Jian Yi Zhi Lu - this is a popular universal history, hard to include if we already select Zi Zhi Tong Jian.


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