East Asian Canonical Texts - Revisions

In the last note on potential revisions several weeks ago, the thought was to replace The (Genealogical Biographies) of the Family of the Han (Dynasty) Heavenly Masters 《漢天師世家》, with another Daoist text, a commentary of Zhou Yi Can Tong Qi《周易參同契》。After further reading, I just picked a commentary that is considered the best, a work written in early Yuan Dynasty by a Southerner called Yu Yan.


As the changes are made, I have also completed the dating of the list of the 36 texts involved, while also noting the broad areas the texts were finally written down (Japan, Korea, Northern China, Southern China). As per the design of the list, there are 30 Chinese works, 4 Japanese and 2 Korean works. What comes out to be interesting is that the 30 Chinese works are exactly evenly split across North and South.  

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