Spanish Literature (3)

Ok, this post captures the authors mentioned in Chapter 2 of the book, where the "traditional" / "canonical" authors are texts are listed. I will repeat authors that have already been mentioned in the first and the second posts.


Poem of the Cid (late 12th c.?)

Ramon Menendez Pidal's (literary scholar who dated Poem of the Cid to 1140 [orally c.1105] in 1948) Relics of Spanish Epic Poetry (1951)

Colin Smith (British Hispanist who attacked Pidal's scholarship in 1980s)

Gonzalo de Berceo's (1196?-1264?) hagiographic/Marian verse (1230s-1260s)

Cervantes's (possibly converso) Don Quixote, Persiles and Sigismunda (posthumous 1617, Byzantine romance), La Galatea (1585, early pastoral novel)  

Mateo Aleman's (1547-1615?) Guzman de Alfarache (1599 Part I; 1604 Part II, picaresque novel)

Francisco de Quevedo's (1580-1645) The Swindler (1626, picaresque novel), Politics of God (1626/55, courtly conduct manual) 

Fray Luis de Leon (1527-91, Jewist descent "conversos")

Fernando de Rojas's (c. 1465-1541, converso) Celestina (1499)

Mateo Aleman (picaresque novelist, converso)

St  John of the Cross (converso)

St Teresa of Avila (converso)

Lazarillo de Tormes (1554, anonymous, picaresque novel)

Lope de Vega's (1562-1635, dramatist) Fuenteovejuna (1612-14), Peribanez (1605?), True Pretence (1604) 

Calderon's The Mayor of Zalamea (1636), Life is a Dream (1635, his best-known play), Life is a Dream (best-known auto sacramental = morality play) 

Tirso de Molina's The Trickster of Seville 

El Abencerraje (anonymous, novella, 1565?)

Gines Perez de Hita's (1544?-1619?) Civil Wars of Granada (1595 Vol 1, 1619 Vol 2)

Garcilaso de la Vega's (importer of Petrarchan tradition into 16th century Spanish lyric poetry) Eclogues (pastoral novel)

Jorge de Montemayor's (1520?-61) La Diana (c. 1559)

Baltasar Gracian's (1601-58, author of courtly conduct manuals and novels, Jesuit) The Hero (1637), The Gentleman of Discretion (1646), The Art of Wordly Wisdom (1647), Skill and Art of Wit (final version 1648), The Sceptic (1651-7, allegorical novel)

St Ignatius of Loyola's Spiritual Exercises (1548)

Luis de Gongora's (1561-1627, Boroque poet) Fable of Polyphemus and Galatea (published posthumously like all his works), Solitudes (incomplete)

Jose de Cadalso's (1741-82) Lugubrious Nights (1771, Gothic novel), Moroccan Letters (1789)

Enrique Gil y Carrasco's (1816-45) The Lord of Bembibre (1844, Romantic medieval historical novel)

Mariano Jose de Larra's (1809-37, initiator of costumbrista article in 1828) Don Enrique the Sad's Page (1834, medieval novel)

Jose de Espronceda's Sancho Saldana (1834, medieval novel)

Juan Eugenio Hartzenbusch's (1806-80) The Lovers of Teruel (1837, play)

Martinez de la Rosa's Abenhumeya

Angel Saavedra's The Moorish Foundling (1834, long narrative poem)

Ramon Mesonero Romanos (1803-82, costumbrista author)

Benito Perez Galdos's (1843-1920, realist writer) The Disinherited (1881), Fortunata and Jacinta (1886-7, his best known novel), Angel Guerra (1890-1), Nazarin (1895), Halma (1895), That Bringas Woman (1884), 46 National Episodes (1873-9, 1898-1912, historical novels)

Leopoldo Alas's (1852-1901, leading Krausist political thinker / journalist) La Regenta (1884-5)

Narcis Oller's (Catalan realist novelist) Gold Fever (1890-3)

Uamuno (early 20th c. novelist)

Pio Baroja's (1872-1956) The Struggle for Life (1904-5, trilogy), Way of Perfection (1902)

Azorin's The Will to Live (1902)

Vicente Blasco Ibanez (1867-1928, social novelist)

Felipe Trigo (1864-1916, social novelist)

Concha Espina (1869-1955, social novelist)

Rafael Alberti's Sailor on Land (1925, avant-garde poetry), I Was a Fool and What I Have Seen HAs Made Me Two Fools (performed in 1929)

Lorca's (avant-garde poet) Gypsy Ballads, Buster Keaton's Promenade (1928, dramatic sketch), Trip to the Moon (surrealist film script, discovered in 1989), Poet in New York (written 1929-30, posthumous), 'Dance of Dealth' (poem)

Ramon Gomez de la Serna's (1888-1963, avant-garde poet) El Rastro (1914)

Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan's (1866-1936, avant-garde poet) Bohemian Lights (1920, play), Cinelandia (1925, novel)

Dali (avant-garde poet)

Francisco Ayala's Hunter at Dawn (1929, experimental novella)

Ortega y Gasset's Journal of the West, The Dehumanization of Art (1926, essay)

Juan Goytisolo's Mourning in Paradise (1955), Marks of Identity 

Luis Martin-Santos's (1924-64) Time of Silence (1962, Joycean novel)

Camilo Jose Cela's (1916-2002) Day of St. Camillus, 1936 (1969)

Juan Benet's (1927-93) Return to Region (1967, Faulknerian)

Juan Marse's The Fallen (1973, experimentist novel)

Carlos Barral (Barcelona publisher who promoted "New Spanish Novel' in the 1970s)

Jose Maria Castellet's (critic) Nine New Spanish Poets (1970)

Javier Marias's (1951-, novelist) Your Face Tomorrow (2002-7, trilogy)

Pere Gimferrer (poet)

Arturo Perez-Reverte (1951-, author of time-travelling thrillers, and Alatriste series)

Carlos Ruiz Zafon's The Shadow of the Wind

Ildefonso Falcones's Cathedral of the Sea 

Ray Loriga's (author of post-modern novels) The Worst of All (1992), Heroes (1993), Fallen from Heaven (1995), Tokyo Doesn't Love Us Anymore (1999)

Manuel Vazquez Montalban's (author of Carvalho thriller series) Murder on the Central Committee (1981), The Pianist (1985)

Julio Llamazares's (1955-) Wolf Moon (1985), The Yellow Rain (1988), Scenes from Silent Cinema (1993)

Antonio Munoz Molina's A Manuscript of Ashes (1986), The Polish Rider (1991), Sepharad (2001), The Night of Time (2009)

Dulce Chacon's (1952-2003) The Sleeping Voice (2002)

Alberto Mendez (1941-2004)'s The Blind Sunflowers (2004)

Javier Cercas's (1962-) Soldiers of Salamis (2001)

Manuel Rivas's (1957-) The Carpenter's Pencil (1998, Galician original)

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