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I read an article on Encyclopedia Iranica( with an eye to see how this latest scholarly encyclopedia "canonize" authors/works. There are 80+ names of people who have written works in Persian offered - though for some their prime fame is in historiography (Bayhaqi), theology/sufism (Gazali) or philosophy (Avicenna)


This name list being that long, I seek to look at it through another entry on:

( This yields a list of 22 names in 23 entries, copied and pasted below:


940 Rudaki (b. 859), considered the “father of Persian poetry,” dies.

980 The Persian poet Daqiqi Ṭusi (b. 942), best known for his 1,000 verses on the advent of Zoroaster that was incorporated by Ferdowsi into his Šāh-nāma, dies.

999 Ferdowsi completes the first draft of the Šāh-nāma.

1019 or 1025 The Persian poet Ferdowsi (b. 940), author of the Šāh-nāma, the national epic of Persia, dies.

1038 The Persian poet Farroḵi, Ghaznavid court panegyrist, dies.

c. 1041 The Persian poet Manučehri, Ghaznavid court panegyrist, dies.

1048 The verse romance, Vis o Rāmin, is composed by Faḵr-al-Din Asʿad Gorgāni.

c. 1050 The Persian poet ʿOnṣori, Ghaznavid court panegyrist, dies.

1131 The poet Sanāʿi (born in Ghazna in the late 11th century), dies.

1132 Omar Khayyam (b. 1050), Persian astronomer, mathematician, and the author of famous quatrains, dies.

1177 Rašid-al-Din Waṭwāṭ, Persian poet and satirical writer, author of Hadāʾeq al-seḥr fi daqāʾeq al-šeʿr, dies.

1195 Death of the poet Ḵāqāni.

1209 Neẓāmi Ganjavi (b. 1141), prominent poet, author of the famous five mathnawis (Ḵamsa) which include Ḵosrow o Širin, Haft peykar, and Leily o Majnun, dies.

1221 Farid-al-Din ʿAṭṭār (b. 1145), mystic poet, author of Taḏkerat al-awliāʾ and Manṭeq al-ṭayr (English tr. as The Conference of the Birds, 1961), dies.

c. 1230 ʿAwfi, Persian anthologist and biographer, author of Jawāmi al-hekāyāt and Lobāb al-albāb, dies.

1273 Jalāl-al-Din Rumi (b. 1207), poet, mystic, author of the Mathnawi, a long poem explaining Sufi doctrine, and the collection of his lyrics Divān-e Šams-e Tabriz, dies.

1274 Naṣir-al-Din Ṭusi (b. 1201), astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, and man of letters, dies.

1283 Saʿdi (b. 1194), Persian poet and author of the Bustān (1257), Golestān (1258), and a divan of ḡazals, dies.

1289 Faḵr-al-Din ʿErāqi (b. 1213), lyric poet and mystic, dies.

1370 ʿObayd Zākāni (b. 1300), celebrated Persian satirist and humorist, author of Aḵlāq al-Ašrāf, dies.

c. 1390 Ḥāfeẓ (b. circa 1315), the celebrated Persian lyric poet, dies.

1492 Jāmi (b. 1414), noted Persian poet, mystic, and author of Yusof o Zolayḵā and Behāristān, dies

1677 Ṣāʾeb Tabrizi (b. 1603), noted Persian poet, the most prominent poet of the Indian style (sabk-e hendi), and author of Qandahār-nāma, dies.


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