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Well, clearly Southeast Asian as a whole is not really Islamic. I just needed to find a place to classify it as Southeast Asian is not yet a geographic region I separate out in this site.


EB's article is "Southeast Asian Arts" and Literature is just one of the sections.


Anyway, key authors/works mentioned:


- Shin Maha Rahta Thara (15th c.)

- Shin Maha Thila Wuntha (15th c.): wrote a chronicle history of Buddhism

- Shin Uttamagyaw (15th c.)

- Phyu (16th c., author of yadu)

- Nyo (16th c., author of yadu)

- Nawaday (16th c., author of yadu)

- Natshinnaung (16th c., author of yadu, king of Toungoo)

- U Kala (early 18th c., compiled a history of Burma)

- Rama Yagan (late 18th c., by a king's treasurer)

- Awbatha (late 18th c., wrote a nevel-like rendering of the Ten Long Jatakas)

- Kyeegan Shingyi (late 18th c., myittaza / "epistles")

- U Kyin U (1H-19th c., dramatist)

- U Pon Nya (1H-19th c., "greatest writer of the time", plays, epistles, songs)



- Yoon Pai (poem, earliest)

- Mahajati (poem, "The Great Jataka")

- King Narai (poetic romances on Jatakas; final version of Pra Lo, r. 1657-88)

- Maharajaguru (in Narai's reign)

- Si Prat (Aniruddha; in Narai's reign)

- Khun Devakavi (cradle songs, in Narai's reign)

- Si Mahosot (ode-epic in praise of King Narai; in Narai's reign)

- Rama (travel poem; in Narai's reign)

- Inao (travel poem; in Narai's reign)

- Luang Prasroeth (History of Ayutthaya; in Narai's reign; prose; rediscovered in 20th c.)

- King Rama II (poet, r. 1809-24, final versions of Rama and Inao; Khun Chang and Khun Pen

- Prince Paramanuchit (ode-epic Taleng Phai, reign of Rama II)

- Sunthon Phu (king's private secretary; Phra Aphaimani)

- Pra Klang (Sam Kok, prose, translation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms



- Nguyen Trai (poet, 15-16th c.)

- Emperor Le Thanh Tong (poet, 15-16th c.)

- Nguyen Binh Khiem (poet, 15-16th c.)

- Ho Xuan Huong (poet, 19th c. before 1862)

- Nguyen Cong Tru (poet, 19th c. before 1862)

- Chu Manh Trinh (poet, 19th c. before 1862)

- Tran Ke Xuong (poet, 19th c. before 1862)

- Nguyen Du (1765-1820; Kam Van Kieu, poem)



- Nagarakertagama (1365)



- Malay Annals (about 15th c.)


Dutch (in Indonesia)

- Raden Adjeng Kartini



- Takdir Alisjahbana (editor of literary journal of 1933, later wrote novels)

- Chairil Anwar (poet, after 1949)

- Sitor Situmorang (poet, after 1949)

- Pramoedya Ananta Toer (novelist, after 1949)



- Francisco Balagtas (Florante at Laura, early 19th c.)

- Jose Rizal (social novels; Noli me tangere)

- Mariano Ponce (prose)

- Rafael Malma (prose)

- Jose Palma (poem "Filipinas")


 Overall, quite an uneven article.

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