QS Rankings 2013

After THE (Times Higher Education) I look at QS briefly. Their overall rank of top 10 are:

1 - MIT

2 - Harvard

3 - Cambridge

4 - University College London

5 - Imperial College London

6 - Oxford

7 - Stanford

8 - Yale

9 - Chicago

10 - Caltech

10 - Princeton

After that:

14 - Columbia

25 - Berkeley

40 - UCLA


The anomaly is University College London, and the sheer fact that UCL and ICL ranks higher than Oxford makes this list suspicious. Berkeley and UCLA also fell out vs. THE's list. 


When I look at the key component of the rankings - Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation and Citations per Faculty - I find the scores are very closed together for top schools, and only Harvard and Stanford have all 3 marked as 100.0 on all 3. The other components relates to "internationalization" which I don't count as valid, as it clearly benefits smaller countries (e.g. UK vs. US, Hong Kong vs. China, etc.)


Then I proceed to look at by faculty rankings, and find that it requires registration. I stop right there and write this note.


Just comparing the two list (THE and QS), the common components are HYPMS + CO + CC (plus Columbia a question mark), and Imperial College London. Berkeley and UCLA which are strong in THE's list somehow fell off - though reasons are unclear to me.



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