Harvard's Slavic Languages and Literatures

This is the second to last in the alphabetic order that I will cover in Harvard's Area Studies. This is department, and let's first look at the courses offered:

Language Courses  
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian Language Tutorials 3
Czech Language Courses 3
Polish Language Courses 3
Russian Language Courses 17
Ukrainian Language Courses 3
Slavic Literature, Culture and Philology 45
Total 74

So this turns out to be quite a small department. And unsurprisingly Russian is the focus here.


1. Names of authors/works listed in titles of courses: Chekov, Nabokov (2), Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Gogol, (Tolstoy's) Anna Karenina (2), Brodsky, 


2 For Ph.D. program, "Languages — Before the candidate is eligible for the general examinations, a reading knowledge of both French and German or French or German, plus one other language of demonstrable importance to the student’s research interests must be demonstrated, and departmental requirements in the major Slavic language and in the minor Slavic language or languages (one for candidates who have chosen a second Slavic field under Plan A, two for Plan B) must be satisfied." Let's think about this, say a candidate is trying to do Plan B focusing on Russian linguistics, then the languages he/she needs to know are: 1 English, 2 French, 3 German, 4 Russian, plus two other minor departmental languages - altogehter 6 languagues. Hmm ...

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