Peter Watson's The Modern Mind: Index

Just looked at its index, and see what people's names are mentioned in many pages. Included are those that the index shows 10 or more pages. Some page count are replicated - I didn't eliminate. And as in most index, the accuracy is questionable.


81 Freud, Sigmund

42 Eliot, T.S.

40 Wittgenstein, Ludwig

33 Picasso, Pablo

30 Schoenberg, Arnold

29 Einstein, Albert

27 Darwin, Charles (19th c.)

27 Russell, Bertrand

27 Sartre, Jean-Paul

22 Heidegger, Martin

22 Keynes, John Maynard

22 Galbraith, John Kenneth

21 Orwell, George (Eric Blair)

20 Planck, Max

20 Stalin, Josef

19 Rutherford, Ernest

19 Hofmannsthal, Hugo von

19 Riesman, David

18 Bergson, Henri

18 Husserl, Edmund

18 Mann, Thomas

17 Marx, Karl (19th c.)

17 Mead, Margaret

17 Boas, Franz

17 Strauss, Richard

17 Bell, Daniel

16 James, William

16 Bohr, Niels

16 Hayek, Friedrich von

16 Marcuse, Herbert

16 Levis, F.R.

16 Trilling, Lionel

15 Nietzsche, Friedrich (19th c.)

15 Weber, Max

15 Stravinsky, Igor

15 Friedman, Milton

15 Jung, Carl Gustav

14 Joyce, James

14 Woolf, Virginia

14 Arendt, Hannah

13 Kafka, Franz

13 Benedict, Ruth

13 Morgan, T.H.

13 Schnitzler, Arthur

12 Beauvoir, Simone de

12 Spengler, Osward

12 Fromm, Erich

12 Lewis, Sinclair

12 Williams, Raymond

11 Lacan, Jacques

11 Chadwick James

11 Beckett, Samuel

11 Brecht, Bertolt

11 Rorty, Richard

11 Lawrence, D.H.

11 Whitehead, Alfred North

11 Popper, Karl

11 Levi-Strauss, Claude

11 Lysenko, Trofim

11 Mannheim, Karl

11 Wilson, Edward

10 Braudel, Fernand

10 Chomsky, Noam

10 Heisenberg, Werner

10 Hemingway, Ernest

10 Conrad, Joseph

10 Adorno, Theodor

10 Auden, Wystan Hugh

10 Dawkins, Richard

10 Baldwin, James

10 Rosenberg, Alfred


Bolded are the top-mentioned once (20+) who are in the field of humanities / social sciences. Didn't include Russell since Watson's book treat him mostly as mathematician. Thinking more about it, I did not include Adam Smith in my list of 150 - and I only included Marx not for his economics but because of his (political) philosophy, sociology and theory of history. So mostly likely Keynes and Galbraith will be out also ... but then should Freud be included? Anyway, based on Watson's view, and based on my criteria of inclusion - the top candidates are Freud, T.S. Eliot, Wittgenstein, Sartre, Heideggar, Orwell. Not that surprising - always know that Freud is around the corner, and 20th c. philosophy if there are 2 inclusions it would have been Wittgenstein and Heideggar even without referring to Watson. I always feel dislike and the fleeting nature of influence of existentialism. T.S. Eliot is canonical, but without Watson I would not put him so clearly ahead of say James Joyce, Kafka, Proust, Beckett or Wolff. Orwell is a little surprising.

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