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In another moment of idleness, I was thinking if a list of 28 fits a year's worth of undergrad curriculum, then there could also be a way to build a "clean" list of 28, tapping into the concept of the 7 traditions that first started when I compiled my first List of 36. For every tradition, picking 4 texts - ideally one in each of the 4 genre category I have always been using, would yield another concept for a List of 28. Below is the trial:

Tradition Religious Classics History Philosophy Literature
Chinese  Wang Bi Shiji Zhu Xi Su Shi
Buddhist Samyutta Nikaya Mahavamsha

Tsong Kha Ba

Zhi Yi

Indian Rig Veda N/A Shankara



Islamicate Qur'an al-Tabari al-Ghazali Ferdowsi
Greco-Roman N/A Herodotus Plato



Christian Bible Eusebius Augustine Dante
European N/A Voltaire Marx



Compared with the Revised List of 28 earlier:

This adds: Mahavamsha, Tsong Kha Ba (commentary on Nagarjuna), Zhi Yi (commentary on Vimalakirtinirdesasutra), Eusebius

And takes away: Kant, Tolstoy, Classic of Odes, and Tale of Genji

In summary - beefing up the history genre and the Buddhist tradition, while taking away from Literature and European and East Asian authors. 

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