The Cambridge World History Volume 7 - Table of Content

Volume 7. Production, Destruction and Connection, 1750–Present

Part 1. Structures, Spaces, and Boundary Making

1. Production, destruction, and connection, 1750 to the present: introduction Kenneth Pomeranz and J. R. McNeill

Part I. Material Matrices:

2. Energy, population, and environmental change since 1750: entering the anthropocene J. R. McNeill

3. The economic history of agriculture since 1800 Giovanni Federico

4. Global industrialization: a multipolar perspective Kaoru Sugihara

5. The history of world technology, 1750 to the present Paul Josephson

6. A new world of energy Vaclav Smil

Part II. Population and Disease:

7. Demography and population Massimo Livi-Bacci

8. Population politics since 1750 Alison Bashford

9. Disease and world history from 1750 Mark Harrison

10. The politics of smallpox eradication Erez Manela

Part III. Politics:

11. The evolution of international law Anthony Clark Arend

12. On nationalism Aviel Roshwald

13. Assessing imperialism Danielle Kinsey

14. Self-strengthening and other political responses to the expansion of European economic and political power R. Bin Wong

15. Decolonization and its legacy Prasenjit Duara

16. Genocide Mark Levene

17. Communism and fascism Robert Strayer

Part IV. World Regions:

18. The Middle East in world history since 1750 John Obert Voll

19. East Asia in world history, 1750–21st century Mark Selden

20. Latin America in world history Julie A. Charlip

21. Africa in world history Frederick Cooper

22. The United States in world history since the 1750s Ian Tyrrell

23. The economic history of the Pacific Lionel Frost.


Volume 7. Production, Destruction and Connection 1750–Present

Part 2. Shared Transformations

Part I. Social Developments:

1. Migrations Dirk Hoerder

2. World urbanization, 1750 to the present Lynn Hollen Lees

3. The family in modern world history Peter N. Stearns

4. Continuities and change in sexual behaviour and attitudes since 1750 Julie Peakman

5. Abolitions Alessandro Stanziani

Part II. Culture and Connections:

6. Department stores and the commodification of culture: artful marketing in a globalizing world Antonia Finnane

7. Religion after 1750 Peter van der Veer

8. Science since 1750 James E. McClellan, III

9. Music on the move, as object, as commodity Timothy D. Taylor

10. Sport since 1750 Susan Brownell

11. World cinema Lalitha Gopalan

Part III. Moments:

12. Atlantic revolutions: a reinterpretation Jaime E. Rodríguez O.

13. Global war 1914–45 Richard Overy

14. The Cold War Daniel Sargent

15. 1956 Carole Fink

16. 1989 as a year of great significance Nicole Rebec and Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Part IV. Ligaments of Globalization:

17. Transportation and communication, 1750 to the present Daniel R. Headrick

18. Rubber Richard Tucker

19. Drugs in the modern era William B. McAllister

20. The automobile Bernhard Rieger

21. Globalization, Anglo-American style Thomas W. Zeiler.

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