Ibn Sina - recent bibliography

Went to the library today, was browsing this relative new book from 2013: Interpreting Avicenna: Critical Essays. Essentially read the introduction and the chapter on legacy within the Islamic tradition (which by the way, has an interesting table regarding how many commentaries there are for Remarks and Admonition vs, al-Shifa which shows far more commentaries on the former than the latter, especially in its first 4-500 years after the book was written). What I want to put down here is just the relatively simple recent bibliography on Ibn Sina. Besides the above book itself, there is a full book length introduction on his philosophy (in small font) called Avicenna (Great Medieval Thinkers). And then there the primary translated sources: Physics and Metaphysics of al-Shifa (the latter being more important), plus the latest installment of Shams Inati's translation of Ibn Sina's Remarks and Admonition that includes the middle sections on Physics and Metaphysics. What about the Book I on Logic and Book IV on Mysticism? Of course, they are now out of print, but you can actually download the pdf files on http://www.muslimphilosophy.com/sina/index.html.

That is it - that seems to be all that would be of interest to someone who wants to study Ibn Sina's philosophy in English: one set of critical essays, one monograph on his philosophy, two volumes from al-Shifa, and three volumes from Isharat.

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