Books to Read - Plan

If I continue to read ~20 books a year, then for the next 5 years I can only read ~100 books. At my age I start to feel that I need to be very careful about what books I read. Below are what I feel I want to complete i the next 5 years:


Canonical Texts

1-10 史记

11-20 Mahabharata

21 维摩经文疏

22 The Study Qur'an

23 The Epistle on Legal Theory 



25-27 Das Kapital


28 Marx's Selected Works, 2nd Edition (David McLellan)



29-32. Oxford History of Historical Writing, Vol 4-5 (and complete Vol 1-2)

33-37. Cambridge History of the World, V, VI 1, VI 2, VII 1, VII2

38. Languages and Nations: The Dravidian Proof in Colonial Madras

39. Cambridge History of Science VII, The Modern Social Sciences


40-42. The Venture of Islam

43-45. The Early Byzantine Historians, The Middle Byzantine Historians, (guessing it is in the works) The Late Byzantine Historians




It will truly be a wonder if I can actually finish these in the next 5 years; though I really do hope that I can finish items 1-22 before end of 2020.


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