Amir Khusrau's Works

Read Sunil Sharma's work on Amir Khusrau (2005), and also a 1975 commemorative volume on him. From the latter, I got an understanding of his works. From the former, I recognize his works do not even have many critical editions, and almost no translations in English.


I. Diwans (collections of poems)

1. Tohfat-us-Sighar (Gift of Youth) - 1272, poems written between 16-19 (age)

2. Wasath-ul-Hayath (Meridian of Life) - 1283, poems written between 19-24

3. Ghurrath-ul-Kamal (Prime of Perfection - 1294, most important diwan, written between 34-43, introduction includes autobiography and literary theories

4. Baqiya Naqiyi (Remnants of Purity) - 1316 when he was 64

5. Nihayat-ul-Kamal (Pinnacle of Perfection) - 1325, last collection, published posthumously

Note: current Persian collections are selections from these five


II. Masnawis (in imitation of Nizami's Khamsah)

6. Matla-ul-Anwar (Dawn of Lights) - 1299, ethics / morals

7. Khusrau Shirin - 1299, legendary love story

8. Majnun-o-Laila - 1299, another legendary love story

9. Aina-e-Sikandari (Mirror of Alexander) - 1301, on Alexander the Great

10. Hasht Behishth (Eight Paradises) - 1302, stories told by princes (Suni Sharma has translated one of these as Appendix of his book)


III. Historical Masnavis (supposed to be both history and literature according to Sunil, thus tough for modern scholars to grasp)

11. Qiran-us-Sadain (Conjunction of two Auspicious Stars) - 1289

12. Miftah-ul Futuh (Key of Victories) - 1291

13. Ashiqe (Duval Rani Khidhr Khan) - 1315 story of tragic love between a Muslim prince and Hindu princess

14. Noh Sepehr (Nine Skies) - 1318, panegyrics, most innovative poetry, Section 3 has detailed description of India

15. Tughlaq Nama - 1325


IV. Prose

16. Khazain-ul-Futul (Treasures of Victories) - 1311 - minor work

17. Afzal-ul-Fawael (Greatest of Blessings) - 1314-1319, contains teachings of Mizam-ul-din Auliya (according to the 1975 work), considered by Sunil Sharma to be spurious from a later date - presumably according to current academic research

18. Ejaz-e-Khusraui (Inspiration of Khusrau) - five manuals on writing prose / poetry; letters; first four manuals 1283, last manual 1320; complex work according to Sunil Sharma

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