East Asian Canonical Texts - Draft posted on pkucn for inputs



Posts #77-#80.


Important to document is #78 on how the justification of how 36 texts actually is more like 45 (or more) texts:


Wang Bi's Works 王弼集:包括了《易》、《老》和王弼自己。+2
Mao Shi Zheng Yi 毛詩正義:起碼包括了《詩經》本身和儒家註釋傳統。+1
Zhuang Zi Zhu Shu 莊子注疏:起碼包括了《莊子》,郭象玄學注,和成玄英的道教《疏》+2 [note: revised on Nov 21 from actual posts on pkucn.com]
Commentaries on Four Books 四書章句集注:包括了《論語》、《孟子》、《禮記》選篇和朱熹理學。+3
Commentaries on The Awakening of Faith 大乘起信論疏記:包括了《大乘起信論》原文,和元曉的《疏》和《別記》。+1

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