Greek & Roman Canonical Authors - Histories

I haven't been posting for some time - as I am working on both finalizing the East Asian list, while starting to generate the "Western" list.


For Greek / Roman canonical authors (rather than texts, at this point), I have referenced Davis Norman's Europe: A History, Randall Collin's Sociology of Philosophies, Daniel Woolf's A Global History of Histories, etc. I have explicitly excluded Christian authors for now.


As in the prior nomenclature, bold names are those that I think have higher likelihood of eventual inclusion in the "Western" Canonical Text list.


Histories first:

- Herodotus

- Thucydides

- Xenophon

- Polybius (not bolded, because of book only available in fragments)

- Caesar

- Sallust

- Livy  (not bolded, because of book only available in fragments)

- Tacitus

- Plutarch

- Josephus (maybe, Jewish historian)

- Arrian (maybe, not because of his own reputation as historian, but because he is the most canonical historian for Alexander the Great, plus a key classical account of India)

- Marcellinus




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