Christian Canonical Authors - Up to 3rd Century A.D.

This excludes the Bible, which is a given.


I am actually generating the list by seriously reading Jaroslav Pelikan's 5-volume work The Christian Tradition, A History of the Development of Doctrine. I am on the first book that covers 100-600A.D. I am now up to only the third chapter.


Up to the 3rd century A.D. excluding the Apostles whose works are in the Bible, the key figures are: (dates are what I got from Wikipedia)


- Justin Martyr (103 - 165)

- Irenaeus (~130 - 202)

 - Clement of Alexandria (~150 - 215)

- Tertullian (160-220)

- Origen (184-253)

- Cyprian (d. 258)



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