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Leob Classic Library, published by Harvard, includes ~520 titles acoording to its web sites. I have downloaded the listings, and started doing some analysis to make sure I am not missing significant personalities. I looked at Latin authors first - with 188 titles; can be collapsed into 56 named authors plus an anonymous work Historia Augusta, Multi-authored collections named Minor Latin Poets and Remains of Old Latin. Among these 56 authors, 9 are Christians (theologians / philosophers Augustine, Boethius, Jerome, Tertullian and Bede the English historian would probably be considered under the Christian tradition; other 4 names are Ausonius, Paulinus Pallaeus, Prudentius, Sidonius - I don't think they would make the Western Canonical Texts list). Of these 47 non-Christian writers, 6 authors write works outside the 4 genres I include (Varro wrote on Agriculture and Linguistics, Vitruvius on Architecture, Celsus on Medicine, Columella and Cato on Agriculture, Manilus on Astronomy). Below are my picks -- of the remaining 41 authors -- for potential inclusion in the Western Canonical Texts list, by Genre:


History (11 authors)

Likely to include (3): Livy, Tacitus, Caesar

May include (4): Ammianus Marcellinus, Quintus Curtius, Sallust, Suetonius 

Not likely to include (4): Cornelius Nepos, Florus, Frontius, Velleius Paterculus


Philosophy (6 authors)

May include (1): Seneca 

Not likely to include (5): Gellius, Macrobius, Minucius Felix, Pliny (his Natural History is famous, but as an encyclopedia my lists typically would not include), Valerius Maximus


Literature (24 authors)

Must include (1): Virgil (already on the World Canonical Texts list of 36 texts)

Likely to include (3): Cicero, Horace, Ovid

Special case (1): Quintilian wrote works about Orator's education and legal textbooks - I think given the importance of Roman laws some works regarding Roman legal system might be justified. Not sure if Quintilian's work qualifies or whether I should look elsewhere. More research will be needed.

May include (7): Juvenal, Lucan, Lucretius, Pliny the Younger, Propertius, Statius, Terence

Not likely to include (12): Apuleius, Catullus, Claudian, Fronto, Martial, Petronius, Persius, Plautus, Seneca the Elder, Silius Italicus, Tibullus, Valerius Flaccus

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