Spanish Literature (1)

Just finished reading Spanish Literature: A Very Short Introduction by Jo Labanyi. Trying to document here the authors she mentioned.


Miguel de Cervantes's (1547-1616) Don Quixote (1605 Part I; 1615 Part II)

Tirso de Molina's (1584-1648) The Trickster of Seville (1626)

Pedro Calderon de la Barca (dramatist, 1600-81)

Jose de Espronceda's (1801-42) 'The Student of Salamanca' (narrative poem, 1840)

Jose Zorrilla's (1817-93) Don Juan Tenorio (play, 1844)

Miguel de Unamuno (1864-1936)

Azorin (1873-1967, pen name Jose Martinez Ruiz)

Ramiro de Maeztu's (1874-1936) essay (1924)

Salvador de Madariago's (1886-1978) BBC radio play (1948) and an interpretation of Don Juan (1952)

Ernesto Gimenez Caballero's (1899-1988) view of Don Juan (1935)

Borges' 'Pierre Menard, author of the Quixote' (story, 1939) 

Federico Garcia Lorca's (poet, dramatist, author of rural tragedies, 1898-1936)

Gypsy Ballads (his best-known book of poetry, 1928), avant-garde plays Blood Wedding (1933), Yerma (1934), The House of Bernarda Alba (written in 1936)

Ramon Menendez Pial (critic) 


Americo Castro's The Structure of Spanish History (1948, revised 1954)

Claudio Sanchez Albornoz's Spain, a Historical Enigma (1956)

Ibn Rushd (12th century)

Maimonides (12th century)

Ibn Zaydun (1003-70, Andalusi Arabic love poet)

Ibn Hazm's (994-1064, Cordoban Arabic prose writer) The Dove's Neck-Ring

Ortega y Gasset's (1883-1955, philosopher) prologue to The Dove's Neck-Ring

Ibn Quzman (1078-1160, poet, mixed formal and vernacular Arabic, with Romance elements)

Ibn Arabi (1165-1240)

Moses Ibn Ezra (c. 1055 to after 1138, Granada-born Jew, best-known Arabized poet of the Hebrew Golden Age, poet in Hebrew, prose author in Arabic)

Judah Halevi (c. 1075-1141, most celebrated poet of his age, poetic corpus in Hebrew)

Ramon Llull's (1232-1315) Book of Contemplation (first written in Arabic, then in Catalan), Book of the Gentile and the Three Wise Men, The Book of the Lover and the Beloved contained within his novel Blanquerna

Anselm Turmeda (1355?-1430?, refutation of Christianity in Arabic, author of texts in Catalan)

Poem of the Cid

Alfonso X 'the Wise (1221-84, r. 1252-84) - commissioned translation into Castilian of Calila and Dimna, supervised composition of Seven-Part Code (laws), Estoria de Espanna and General Estoria (histories) (all above in Castilian),and Songs to the Virgin Mary (lyric poetry in Galician-Portuguese)

Calila and Dimna (c. 1251, translated from Arabic into Castilian, commissioned by Alfonso X 'the Wise'). Work in Arabic translated from Persian, stories within stories)

Don Juan Manuel's (1282-1348, Alfonso X's nephew) Count Lucanor (wisdom text)

Joannot Martorell's (1413-68) and Marti Joan de Galba (?-1490) Tirant lo Blanc (1490, novels of chivalry in Catalan-Valencian)

Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo's (?-1504) Amadis of Gaul (chivalry novel in Castilian)

Antonio de Nebrija's Gramatica de la lengua castellana (1492, first grammar of the Castilian language)

Ausias March (1397-1459, Valencian lyric poet writing in Catalan)

Garcilaso de la Vega (1501-36, Castilian Renaissance figure)


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