Spanish Literature (4)

Below are authors from Chapter 3. I will repeat names that has been mentioned in prior posts.


Juan Ruiz's (1283?-1350?, Archpriest of Hita) Book of Good Love (1330-43, title given by Ramon Menendez Pidal in 1898)

Fernando de Roja's Celestina (original title: Tragicomedy of Calisto and Melibea)

Carajicomedia (1519, anon.)

Juan Goytisolo's Carajicomedia (2000, satire of Spanish Catholic moral repression), Count Julian (1970)

Siimone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex (1949) 

Luce Irigaray (feminist, 1970s)

Helene Cixous (feminist, 1970s)

St Teresa of Avila's (1515-82) Meditation on the Song of Songs (1566-7, burnt in 1580), Book of My Life (composed 1562-5), Way of Perfection (composed c. 1565-9), The Inner Castle (1577), Book of Foundations (written 1573-82), Life

Ramon Llull's Book of the Friend and the Beloved (13th century)

St John of the Cross's (1542-91, canonized 1726) Spiritual Canticle (1584)

Fray Luis de Leon's (female translator of Song of Songs from Hebrew, canonized 1622) Life; The Perfect Wife (1583, conduct manual)

Francisco Delicado's (c. 1480 to after 1534)The Lusty Andalusian Woman (1528)

Francisco Lopez de Ubeda's La picara Justina (1605)

Alonso Jeronimo de Salas Barbadillo's (1581-1635) Celestina's Daughter (1612)

Catalina de Erauso's (1592-1650) The Story of the Lieutenant-Nun (c. 1624-5, autobiography)

Juan Perez de Montalban's (1602-38) The Lieutenant-Nun (1626, play)

Tirso de Molina's Don Gil with the Green Breeches (1615, play), Martha the Pious (1614-5, play), Medical Love (1618-25?), Bandit Countess or the Heavenly Nymph (1613)

Alvaro Cubillo de Aragon's (c. 1596-1661) Anasco from Talavera (play)

Calderon's No Trifling with Love (1635?), Devotion of the Cross (c. 1633), The Surgeon of His Honour (1629), Secret Injury, Secret Vengeance (1635), The Painter of His Dishonours (1640-50)

Lope de Vega's (dramatist) The Simple-Minded Lady (1613), Outwardly Simple-Minded, Inwardly Discreet (1623-35), Punishment without Revenge (1631)

Ana Caro's (1590-1650, female dramatist) Valour, Insult and Woman 

Maria de Zayas's (1590-1661, female author of novellas) Exemplary Love Stories (1637), Disenchantments of Love (1647) 

Cervante's Exemplary Novels (1613)

Alas's La Regenta

Emilia Pardo Bazan's (1851-1921, female novelist, translator of J.S.Mill's The Subjection of Women) The House of Ulloa (1886), Mother Nature (1887, sequel)

Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda's (1814073) Sab (1841, novel)

Rosalia de Castro's (founded modern Galician literature) The Daughter of the Sea (1859, novel)

Carmen de Burgos's (1867-1932) Article 438 (1921, story)

Carmen Laforet's (1921-2004) Nothing

Unamuno's Fog (1914, experimental novel), The Other (1926, play), Two Mothers (1920, story), Aunt Tula (1921, novel), Abel Sanchez (1917)

Cela's The Family of Pascual Duarte (1942)

Rosa Chacel's (protege of Ortega y Gasset, translator of Freud) Memoirs of Leticia Valle (1945, novel)

Catarina Albert's (Catalan female novelist) Solitude (1905, novel)

Merce Rodoreda's (author of Catalan short stories) The Time of the Doves (1962, novel)

Montserrat Roig's (1946-91) Goodbye Ramona (1972), The Time of the Cherries (1977), The Violet Hour (1980) (above a trilogy of novels)

Carme Riera's (1948-, founder of first feminist magazine Feminist Defence 1976-9) 'I Leave You, My Love, the Sea as a Token' (1975, story), 'I Call on the Seagulls as Witness' (1977, story), In the Last Blue (1994, historical novel), Towards the Open Sky (2000)

Laura Mintegi's (1955-, Basque female novelist) Nerea and I (1994)

Maria Martinez Sierra's (1874-1974, author of 5 books of feminist essays 1916-32, playwright under her husband's name) A Woman on the Road in Spain (autobiographical account of her Socialist campaigning)

Concha Mendez (1898-1986, female poet)

Manuel Altolaguirre (poet)

Ernestina de Champourcin (1905-99, female poet)

Juan Jose Domenchina (poet)

Maria Teresa Leon's (1903-88, female) Memoir of Melancholy (1970, autobiography)

Rafael Alberti (poet, dramatist)

Carmen Martin Gaite's (1925-2000, early fiction in 1957-76) The Back Room (1978, novel), Coutship Customs in Postwar Spain (1981, historical study), Variable Cloud (1992, novel), The Snow Queen (1994, novel), Living's the Strange Thing (1996, novel), Leaving Home (1998, novel)

Rafael Sanchez Ferlosio

Josefina Aldecoa (1926-, a short story collection in 1961) Story of a Schoolteacher (1990), Women in Black (1994), The force of Destiny (1997) (above forms a novel trilogy)

Ignacio Aldecoa

Rosa Montero (1951-, top columnist for newspaper El Pais, author of popular novels)

Lucia Etxebarria's (1966-) Beatrice and the Heavenly Bodies (1998)

Almudena Grandes (1960-) The Ages of Lulu (1989, novel), Malena is a Tango Name (1994), The Frozen Heart (2007)

Ana Maria Moix's (1947-) Julia (1969)

Esther Tusquets's (1936-) The Same Sea Every Summer (1978), Love is a Solitary Game (1979)

Gloria Fuertes (1917-98, poet)

Maria-Merce Marcal's (1952-98, Catalan author and poet, trnaslator of Colette, Yourcenar, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva) The Passion According to Renee Vivien (1994, novel), Sister, Stranger (1981-4, poems)

Antonio de Hoyos (1885-1940, novellas, publish in 1903-27)

Alvaro Retana (1890-1970, novellas, most written in 1917-22)

Luis Cernuda's (1902-63, poet) Forbidden Pleasures (written 1931), 'To a Dead Poet' (on Lorca's death)

Lorca's Yerma (1934, tragedy), The House of Bernarda Alba (1936, tragedy), 'Ode to Walt Whitman' (poem), The Public (1930, play), When Five Years Pass (1931, play), Sonnets of Dark Love (poems, written 1935-6)

Eduardo Mendicutti (1948-)

Terenci Moix's (originally writing in Catalan) The Day Marilyn Died (1969, novel), The Wanker's Burden (1990-98, 3 volumes autobiography), Don't Tell Me It Was a Dream (1986, Castilian romance)

Luis Antonio de Villena (1951-, poet, short-story writer)

Alvaro Pombo's (1939-) Tales of Insubstantiality; The Iridized Platinum Rule (1990) 

Juan Goytisolo's Mourning in Paradise; Fiestas (1958), Marks of Identity; Count Julian; (above pre-1966 novels); In Virtues of the Solitary Bird; Makbara (1980); Forbidden Zone (1985), Realms of Strife (1986) (the above arehis 2-vol autobiography)



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