Persian Historiography - EIr (1)

After Persian literature, I am in the process of reading Encyclopedia Iranica's coverage of Persian historiography.


Here is the list from the chronology table( Only include works / authors in Persian language, thus despite Biruni's influence he is not in this list of 6 historians:


1077 Abu’l-Fażl Bayhaqi (b. 995), Persian historian and author of Tāriḵ-e masʿudi, dies.

1283 ʿAtā Malek Jovayni (b. 1226), Persian historian and author of Tāriḵ-e jahān gošā (English tr. as A History of the World Conqueror, 2 vols., 1958), dies.

1318 Rašid-al-Din (b. 1247), Persian historian, scholar, and vizier of the Ilkhanid Ḡāzān and Uljāytu, is executed on suspicion of having poisoned Uljāytu. His Jāmeʿ al-tawāriḵ is a universal history particularly important for the Mongol period.

c. 1344 Ḥamd-Allāh Mostawfi (b. circa 1281), historian and geographer of the Ilkhanid period, author of Tāriḵ-e gozida and Nozhat al-qolub, dies.

1430 Ḥāfeẓ-e Abru, Timurid historian and author of many historical and historico-geographical works in Persian, commissioned by Šāhroḵ, the Timurid ruler of Herat, dies.

1498 Mirḵʷānd (b. 1433), historian and author of Rawżat-alá-ṣafā (tr. by E. Rehatsek as Garden of Purity, 5 vols., 1891-94), dies.

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