Traditional Malay Literature after ~1550AD: E. Page References in Braginsky

With an eye to see what works / authors V. Braginsky is effectively canonizing, I studied his index, and for key works counted how many pages a work / author are mentioned.


Below is a rank order of the most referenced works / authors: (top 10; with reference on 30 or more pages)


Title or Author

No. of Pages Referenced
1 Sejarah Melayu  118
2 Hamzah Fansuri  106
3 Bustan as-salatin / Nuruddin ar-Raniri 75 (no double-counting)
4 Hikayat Indraputra 64
5 Taj as-salatin 61 (almost all pages referring to author also reference text title)
6 Hikayat Cekel Waneng Pati 45
7 Hikayat raja Pasai 44
8 Hikayat Isma Yatim 38
9 Hikayat Syah Mardan 32
10 Hikayat Bakhtiar 31
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