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Last year I read Chinese Literature: A Very Short Introduction by Sabina Knight (2012). Afterwards, I wanted to type out all key authors / works she mentioned in the book that has accompanying Chinese character. In this list below, I excluded 4 authors not writing in Chinese, and also excluded literature works.

Classic of Poetry (1100-600 BCE): "Crickets", "Don’t Push Onward the Great Carriage", "The Gourd Has Bitter Leaves", "Great Preface"
Biography of Mu, Son of Heaven (c. 4th c. BCE)
Classics of the Mountains and Seas (c. 320 BCE)
Qu Yuan (340-278 BCE): Encountering Sorrow
The Elegies of Chu
Mi Heng (ca. 173-98): "Rhapsody on a Parrot"
Nineteen Old Poems (later Han 25-220)
Cao Pi (187-226)
Cao Zhi (192-232): "Rhapsody on the Luo River Goddess"
Ji Kang (223-62): "Nourishing Life"
Ruan Ji (210-63): Singing My Feelings (82 poems)
Li Mi (224-87):"Memorial Expressing My Situation"
Lu Ji (261-303): "Rhyme-prose on Literature" (3rd c.)
Gan Bao (fl. 320): In Search of Spirits, incl. "Han Ping and His Wife"
New Accounts of Tales of the World
Tao Qian (365-427): "Substance, Shadow, Spirit", "Returning to Dwell in Gardens and Fields", "Drinking Alcohol", "The Biography of Mr. Five Willows", "Record of the Peach Blossom Spring"
Xie Lingyun (385-433)
Liu Xie: Writing the Heart-mind, Carving the Dragon (5th c.)
Xie Tiao (464-99): "Jade Steps Lament"
Xiao Tong (501-31): Selections of Literature
New Songs from a Jade Terrace
Wang Han (687-726): "Song of Liangzhou"
Wang Zhihuan (688-742): "ClimbingStork Tower"
Wang Wei (699-761): "Deer Fence"
Li Bai (701-62): "Old Air Nine", "Drinking Alone by Moonlight"
Du Fu (712-70): "Spring Gazing"
Shen Jiji (ca. 740-ca. 800): "The World Inside a Pillow" (781), "The Tale of Miss Ren" (781)
"The Story of Yingying" (804, attributed to Yuan Zhen (779-831))
"Du Zichun" (9th c.)
Wang Fanzhi (Tang)
Han Shan (Tang)
Li Gongze (770-850): "The Tale of Xie Xiao'e"
Li Shangyin (813-58): "On Merry-Making Plain"
Pei Xing: "The Tale of Nie Yinniang" (late 9th c.)
Sikong Tu (837-908): "Twenty-Four Categories of Poetry"
Extensive Records of the Era of Grand Peace (977-78)
Su Shi (1037-1101): "First Rhyme-prose on a Red Cliff", Two Poems on Reading Meng Jiao's Poetry"
Huang Tingjian (1045-1105)
Li Qingzhao (1084-1151): "To the Tune of 'Wuling Spring'"
Hong Mai (1123-1202): Records of the Listener
Yan Yu (ca. 1195-1245): Canlang's Remarks on Poetry
Wang Shifu: Story of the Western Wing (late 13th c.)
Guan Hanqing (ca. 1225-1302): The Injustice Done to Dou
Ma Zhiyuan (ca. 1250-1323): Yellow Millet Dream; Autumn in the Han Palace
Wu Zhen (1280-1354): Poem for Painting "Reed Bank and Fishing Boat"
Romance of the Three Kingdoms (14th c. MS, first published 1522, Mao Zhonggang (1632-1709)'s version with commentary in 1679)
Tales of Chivalrous Swordspeople (mid-16th c.)
Water Margin (c. 1550): Jin Shengtan (1608-61)'s abridgement to 70 chapters (1641)
Journey to the West (1592) (possibly by Wu Cheng'en, ca. 1500-82)
Tang Xianzu (1550-1616): Peony Pavilion (1598)
The Plum in the Golden Vase (1618)
Feng Menglong (1574-1646): Lasting Words to Awaken the World (1627), incl. "The Oil Peddler Courts the Courtesan"
Ling Mengchu (1580-1644): Pounding the Table in Amazement (1628, 1632)
Supplement to Journey to the West (1641)
Huang Yuanjie: "Written to Accompany a Small Landscape Painting" (early Qing)
Li Yu (1611-80):The Carnal Prayer Mat (1657)
Wang Duanshu: Extracanonical Poetry by Famous Women (1667)
Kong Shangren (1648-1718): Peach Blossom Fan (1699)
Wang Shizhen (1634-1711): "Remarks on Poetry"
Later Journey to the West (1715)
Wu Jingzi (1701-54): The Unofficial History of the Forest of Scholars (1750)
Pu Songling (1640-1715): Strange Stories from a Leisure Studio (1766), incl. "Lotus Fragrance", "Jiaona"
Dream of the Red Chamber (1792) (Cao Xueqin (1715-63) wrote the first 80 chapters; editor completed 120-chapter version)
Yuan Mei (1716-97)
Gu Taiqing (1799-1876): Shadows of Dream of the Red Chamber (1877)
Lu Xun (1881-1936): "What Happens When Nora Leaves Home?" (1923), "A Madman's Diary" (1918); "Kong Yiji" (1919); Call to Arms (1923)
Yu Dafu (1896-1945): "Sinking' (1921)
Xu Dishan (1893-1941): "The Merchant's Wife" (1921)
Wen Yiduo (1899-1946): "Dead Water" (1926)
Ye Shaojun (1894-1988): "A Posthumous Son" (1926)
Shi Zhicun (1905-2003): "One Evening in the Rainy Season" (1929)
Zhang Henshui (1895-1967): Fate in Tears and Laughter (1930)
Ba Jin (1904-2005): Family (1931); Ward Four (1946), Cold Nights (1947)
Wu Zuxiang (1908-94): "Young Master Gets His Tonic" (1932)
Mao Dun (1896-1981): "Spring Silkworms" (1932); Midnight (1933)
Xiao Hong (1911-42): The Field of Life and Death (1934)
Shen Congwen (1902-88): Border Town (1934)
Compendium of Chinese New Literature (1935)
Lao She (1899-1966): Rickshaw Boy (1937)
Zhang Ailing (1920-95): Love in a Fallen City (1943); "Lus, Caution" (1979)
Wu Zhuoliu (1900-76): "The Doctor's Mother" (1945)
Ding Ling (1904-86): The Sun Shines over the Sanggan River (1948)
Yang Mo (1915-95): Song of Youth (1958)
Ru Zhijuan (1925-98): "Warmth of Spring" (1959)
Jin Yong (1924-)
Jiang Gui (1908-80): Rival Suns (1961)
Hao Ran (1932-2008): Bright Sunny Days (1964-65); The Golden Road (1972-74)
Bai Xianyong (1937-): Taipei People (1971); "Eternal Snow Beauty" (1965)
Huang Chunming (1939-): "His Son's Big Doll" (1967)
Chen Yingzhen (1937-): "Roses in June" (1967)
Liu Yichang (1918-): "Intersection" (1972)
Ye Yonglie (1940-): Little Smart's Wandering in the future (1978)
Lu Xinhua (1954-): "Scar" (1978)
Zhang Jie (1937-): Leading Wings (1981); "Love Cannot Be Forgotten" (1979); "Remorse" (1979)
Cong Weixi (1933-): "Red Magnolias Beneath the Wall" (1979)
Dai Houying (1938-96): Humanity, Oh Humanity (1980)
Gao Xingjian (1940-): Bus Stop (1983)
Zhang Xianliang (1936-): Half of Man is Woman (1985)
Wang Anyi (1954-): Love on a Barren Mountain (1986); Love in a Small Town (1986); Love in a Brocade Valley (1987); Song of Everlasting Sorrow (1995)
Mo Yan (1955-): Red Sorghum (1987)
Chen Yingzhen: Zhao Nandong (1987)
Wang Shuo (1958-): Playing for Thrills (1989)
Yu Hua (1960-): To Live (1992); Chronicle of a Blood Merchant (1995)
Su Tong (1963-): My Life as Emperor (1992)
Hong Ying (1962-): Summer of Betrayal (1992)
Lu Tianming (1943-): Heaven Above (1995)
Mian Mian (1970-)
Wei Hui (1973-): Shanghai Baby (1999)
Jiang Rong (1946-): Wolf Totem (2004)
Yan Lianke (1958-): Dream of Ding Village (2006)
Ma Jian (1953-): Beijing Coma (2008)
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