Marx and Google


In this prior post I try to use Google N-gram to analyze the relative "influence" of western authors


Yesterday I read from Eric Hobsbawm's collected papers in 2011 How to Change the World: Reflections on Marx and Marxism, in there the first essay "Marx Today" says Marx is among the most referenced intellectuals on Google (Search, not Books), and only behind Darwin and Einstein, but ahead of all other philosophers.


In my English Google settings today, the results are as follows:

Jesus: 456M

Mao: 78.7M

Einstein: 78M

Shakespeare: 76.5M

Darwin: 75.1M

Engels: 61.2M

Plato: 52.8M

Marx: 52.5M

Kant: 48.6M

Freud: 25.4M

Buddha: 24.2M

Locke: 23.2M

Lenin: 22M

Nietzsche: 18.2M

Augustine: 14M

Descartes: 12.5M

Aristotle: 12.1M

Hegel: 7.3M

Machiavelli: 5.7M

Wittgenstein: 5.6M

Heidegger: 5.3M

Habermas: 2.7M

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