Harvard's The Classics Department

The Classics as a department is clearly relevant to this web site regarding "Canonical Texts." And if World Canonical Texts is indeed possible as foundation, or at least as a portion of, an emerging discipline of World-Area Studies, then we should expect Classics Department cover similar things as it does for other Area Studies - and indeed it does.


Again, let's start with the course distribution (here I excluded cross-listed courses):

Level Classical Archaeology Classical Studies (Courses in Translation) Classical Philology

Courses of Reading

and Research

Greek Latin







Primarily for UG   2   3 6 8       19
For UG and Grad 2 7     9 9 2 2 5 36
Primarily for Grad 1 1 5 5 1 1 1 1 1 17
Total 3 10 5 8 16 18 3 3 6 72



1. Like other Area Studies department, this is divided into Languages vs. other aspects. And like the Celtic Department, the Others' portion are mostly based on literary texts - with the small exception of 3 archaeology classes.


2. Modern Greek seems to be slightly out of place in this Department - but understandably so I guess.


3. I scanned through the course catalog - and the following authors are mentioned as course titles: Aristotle's Poetics, Plato's Symposium, Homer, Horace's Odes, Caesar, Senecan Tragedies, Tacitus, Waltharius.


4. Languages requirement for a PhD: Greek, Latin, German; French or Italian.

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