Harvard's East Asian Languages and Civilizations

This is a huge department. Note the name is different - no longer Languages and Literatures, but Languages and Civilizations.


As always, I look at the courses on offer first (against, excluding cross-listings):

Area Courses
East Asian Studies 18
East Asian Buddhist Studies 6
East Asian Film and Media Studies 9
China: Language Courses 25
China: History Courses 17
China: Literature Courses 15
Japan: Language Courses 15
Japan: History Courses 10
Japan: Literature Courses 11
Korea: Language Courses 13
Korea: History Courses 13
Korea: Literature Courses 4
Manchu: Language Courses 6
Mongolian: Language Courses 5
Tibetan and Himalayan Studies 0 (all cross-listed)
Uyghur: Language Courses 5
Vietnam: Language Courses 8
Vietnam: History Courses 1
Total 181



1. Beyond Languages and Literatures (plenty here), there are also History focus, and also Buddhist studies (religion), and Film and Media studies.


2. In the Ph.D. programs, the language requirements are:

  China Japan Korea Tibet
Literary Chinese 2nd yr 1st/2nd yr 1st/2nd yr combined
Modern Chinese 4th yr     3 yrs
Classical Japanese   1st yr    
Modern Japanese 3rd yr 4th yr 3rd yr  
Modern Korean     3rd yr  
Literary Tibetan       3rd yr
Modern Tibetan       1st yr

3. "A rough division of emphasis places Chinese and Japanese history after 1800 in the History Department and most courses in earlier periods in East Asian Languages and Civilizations."


4. Authors/Works appearing in course titles: Three Kingdoms, "The Greatest Chinese Novel" (=The Story of the Stone), The Tale of Genji. There are many courses covering Area-Periods (e.g. Tang China); I think because the need to cover such a broad tradition, it is hard for specific works to become the focus of a course.


5. "The departments in which the study of East Asia is pursued include Anthropology, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Economics, History of Art and Architecture, Government, History, Linguistics, Music, and Sociology."


6. We already noted East Asian Buddhism as a field of study - for Christianity, clearly there is a Divinity School for that, would be interesting to see where are how Islam is treated in Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences' departmental structure.

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