Harvard's European Studies

Faculty of the Committee on European Studies


This is not a real Department per se ...


"For over thirty years, the Center for European Studies has offered an interdisciplinary program designed to enhance the knowledge and understanding of political, social, economic, and cultural developments in modern Europe. Its members’ intellectual approaches encompass history, political science, political economy, anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies. Its purview includes all the regions of Europe as well as the institutional structures within individual countries and the European Union."


This is quite a "classical" statement about Area Studies - "interdisciplinary," seek to understand "political, social, economic, and cultural developments" (developments imply history). There are also temporal and geographic dimensions - "modern Europe." Disciplines involved - "history, polical science, political economy, anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies" - as with most "Area Studies" focusing on modern period, it is inclined towards "social sciences" rather than "humanities." And geographically, it could be "regions of Europe", "individual countries, or " European Union."

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