Harvard's Linguistics Department

1. This is a smaller department with 54 courses offerred.


2. The faculty includes Professors that focuses (besides Linguistics) on Indo-European Linguistics, the Classics, Psychology, Japanese, Romance languages, and Iranian.


3. Courses with titles indicating specific languages or language groups:

Japanese (4)

Indo-European (4)

Germanic (2)

Hittite (2)

Old Church Slavonic (2)




Overall, 17 courses over 54, ~30%.


4. Language requirements:

"The departmental language requirement has two components:

  • Reading knowledge of two languages of scholarship other than English. Native speakers of qualifying languages may count their native language for this purpose...
  • Knowledge of the structure of a non-Indo-European language. ...Practical reading and/or speaking knowledge cannot be used to satisfy this requirement."

The second component seems more of a course-taking requirement, rather than need to "know" another language in a conventional sense. In the first one, there is no specification of what counts as "languages  of scholarship" - I guess it would be French or German, maybe Russian or Japanese also?

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