2014 Reading Wish List

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My 2014 reading wishes.

Most important (often means less likely to start for me):
- Oxford Handbook of Causation
- Elementary Hindi and Workbook (Delacy & Joshi)
- Textual Commentaries on Vimalakirtisutra (Zhiyi) - Read 9 out of 28 chapters 

What I should finish:
- Interaction Ritual Chain (Randall Collins) - read half already
- Literacy in the Persianate World - read about half
- Nagarjuna in Context (Walser) - read half several years ago already
- Venture of Islam 3 Vol - only about maybe 1 Vol worth of chapters not read yet
- The Penguin History of the USA (Brogan) - 1/3 read
- Historiography (Ernst Breisach) - read half already
- Oxford & Cambridge (Peter Sager) - mostly read
- Zhongguo Gongcan Geming Qishi Nian (Chen Yong-fa), 2 volumes - read half of the first volume
- Night & Horses & The Desert (Robert Irwin) - read half

What I should get serious and start more than flipping through a couple of chapters:
- Sanskrit: An Appreciation without Apprehension
- Qur'an (cross-reading: Tarif Khalidi, Arberry, and Ahmed Ali)
- Imperial China 900-1800 (Mote)
- Oxford History of the British Empire Vol 2, 3, 4
- Cambridge History of the Cold War 1,2,3
- Europe: A Cultural History (Rietbergen)
- Social Theory and Social History (Macraild and Taylor)
- Huisi Fahua Changuan Zhi Yanjiu
- Introduction to Electrodynamics (Griffiths)
- A First Course in General Relativity (Schutz)
- Quanqiushi Pinglun Vol 5

What I want to acquire and read:
- Global Intellectual History (just bought!)
- Oxford History of Historical Writings (Vol. 2)
- Social History of Knowledge II (Peter Burke)
- Does Capitalism have a future (Wallerstein, Collins, et al.)
- Ideas (Peter Watson)
- The Modern Mind (Peter Watson)

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