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I have been trying to focus on history and historiography in my readings and learnings this past while. Have bought a new edition of Sima Qian's Historical Records (or The Grand Historian) (in Chinese, published last year). At the same time, there is a Coursera course offered by Chinese University of HK where the class only do 4 simple sets of readings. All these for some reasons spur my interest to create a short list of 6.


1. Plato's Dialogues - Greco-Roman, Greek, Philosophy

2. Sima Qian's Historical Records - East Asian, Chinese, History

3. The Bible - Christian, Hebrew/Greek/(Latin), Religious Classics

4. Mahabharata - South Asian/Hindu, Sanskrit, Literature (Epic)

5. The Qur'an - Islamicate, Arabic, Religious Classics

6. Shakespeare's Plays (or First Folio) Modern European, English, Literature (Drama)

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