Response to Cristina

Thank you very much Cristina for your note and interest in the site.

My list of 36 was an early attempt, and recently I have come up with a shorter list of 28 (and also with recommended versions) intended as basis of a 1-year undergraduate course curriculum. The major cut in the list of 28 vs. 36 are Buddhist texts, plus some less significant texts in other traditions. 2 texts were added (Don Quixote, War and Peace) which try to represent the importance of novels (besides epics), and also significant modern literary languages.

I have also formulated a defense of teaching humanities / canonical texts (especially at the early undergraduate level) which you may find worthwhile to scan through given your interest in liberal education.

Lastly, you may find that the list of 28, 36 or 150 lack significant Latin American authors/works - this is so mostly because many significant works were only written in the 20th century which I consider too "near" to us for a good understanding of their longer-term canonicity. 

Thank you very much again!

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