Recommended Readings

Since 2010, I have been recording my personal readings. My area of readings fall mostly in the area of "World Humanities" that I defined before. I have been reading ~20 books a year on average, so now by end of 2015, I have ~120 books read.


Below are the 12 books (~10% of what I completed reading) that I really think is worth the time reading:



- The Language of the Gods and the World of Men: Sanskrit, Culture, and Power in Premodern India, by Sheldon Pollock

- Extreme Poetry: The South Asian Movement of Simultaneous Narration, by Yigal Bronner

- Literacy in the Persiante World: Writing and the Social Order, edited by Brian Spooner and William Hanaway

- The Heritage of Traditional Malay Literature: A Historical Survey of Genres, Writings and Literary Views, by Vladimir Braginsky

- China's Last Empire: The Great Qing, William T. Rowe

- The World from 1450-1700, John E. Wills Jr.


Canonical Texts

- Herodotus: The Histories, translated by David Grene

- Sophocles I: Three Tragedies, translated by David Grene / Richmond Lattimore

- Poems of Life and Love in Ancient India: Hala's Sattasai, translated by Peter Khoroche and Herman Tieken

- The Tale of Genji, translated by Dennis Washburn



- Hind Swaraj and other Writings (by Gandhi)

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