String Repertoire - Schirmer catalog

Schirmer is really not that prominent as publisher of string music. But I scanned at the catalog, since they publish so little, I find that whatever they publish, those items are often the very core of the repertoire.


Criteria: exclude studies, duets, and clearly works intended for students. Brackets is for birth year



Vitali (1632): Ciaccona

Corelli (1653): sonatas op.5

Vivaldi (1678): 4 seasons

Telemann (1681): sonatas

Bach (1685): Concertos in A minor, E major, G minor (BWV 1056R - reconstructed); Solos; Double concertos

Handel (1685): 6 sonatas

Leclaire (1697): Sonata #3 in D major

Nardini (1722): concerto in E minor

Viotti (1755): Concerto #2223

Mozart (1756): sonatas; concertos #3-5

Rode (1774): 24 caparices

Beethoven (1770): 2 Romances; sonatas; concerto op.61

Paganini (1782): caprices op.1; moto perpetuo op.11; concerto #1 in D

Schubert (1797): sonatinas op.137

Beriot (1802): Concerto #9; Scene de Ballet op.100

Mendelssohn (1809): concerto op.64

Schumann (1810): 3 Romances op.84; Fantasy pieces op.73

Franck (1822): Sonata in A major

Lalo (1823): Symphonie Espagnole op.21

Brahms (1833): Concerto; 3 sonatas

Accolay (1833): Concerto #1

Wieniawski (1835): Concerto #2 op.22; Polonaise Brillante op.4

Saint-saens (1835): Concerto #3 op.61; Havanise op.83; Introduction and rondo capriccioso op.28

Bruch (1838): Concerto op.26; Scottish phantasy op.46

Mussorgsky (1839): pieces

Tchaikovsky (1840): Concerto op.35

Dvorak (1841): Romance op.11, Sonata op.100; pieces

Sarasate (1844): Zigeunerweisen op.20

Sitt (1850): Concertino in E minor op.31



Telemann: Concerto in G

Beethoven: Notturno (op. 8/42)

Schubert: Arpeggione sonata



A. Scarlatti (1660): 3 sonatas

Vivaldi: 6 sonatas

Bach: Suites

Marcello (1686): 6 sonatas

Boccherini (1743): 6 sonatas

Chopin (1810): Sonata op.65

Lalo: concerto in D minor

Brahms: sonata #1