Abbr. selections from SN45

SN45:1 (SA749): Savatthi, bhikkhus

"Ignorance is the forerunner in the entry upon unwholesome states.

"True knowledge is the forerunner in the entry upon wholesome states, with a sense of shame and fear following along. For a wise person who has arrived at true knowledge, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration spring up."


SN45:2 (SA768): Nagaraka, Ananda

"This is the entire holy life, that is, good friendship, good companionship, good comradeship.

"Here, a bhikkhu develops right [view], which is based upon seclusion, dispassion, and cessation, mature in release. (Repeat for intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, concentration.)


SN45:4 (SA769): Savatthi, Ananda

"This is a designation for this Noble Eightfold Path: 'the divine vehicle' and 'the vehicle of Dhamma' and 'the unsurpassed victory in battle'."


SN45:8 (SA784): Savatthi, bhikkhus

"Intention of renunciation, intention of non-ill will, intention of harmlessness: this is called right intention."

"Abstinence from false speech, abstinence from divisive speech, abstinence from harsh speech, abstinence from idle chatter: this is called right speech.

"Abstinence from destruction of life, abstinence from taking what is not given, abstinence from sexual misconduct: this is called right action.

"Makes effort, arouses energy, applies mind, and strives: this is called right effort."


SN45:24 (SA751): Savatthi, bhikkhus

"Whether for a layperson or one gone forth, I do not praise the wrong way.

"Whether for a layperson or one gone forth, I praise the right way. Whether it is a layperson or one gone forth who is practising rightly attains the Dhamma. What is the right way? Right view ... right concentration."


SN45:30 (SA752): Savatthi, Uttiya

"[Forms] cognizable by the [eye] that are desirable, lovely, agreeable, pleasing, sensually enticing, tantalizing, (Repeat for sounds/ear, odours/nose, tastes/tongue, tactile objects/body.) These are the five cords of sensual pleasure.

"The Noble Eightfold Path is to be developed for the abandoning of these five cords of sensual pleasure."


SN45:35 (SA796): Savatthi, bhikkhus

"This Noble Eightfold Path is called ascetism.

"The fruit of stream-entry, the fruit of once-returning, the fruit of nonreturning, the fruit of arahantship. These are called the fruits of ascetism."




(SA751/SN45:24, 59) 若在家、若出家而起邪事者,我所不若在家、出家而起正事,我所讚歎。起正事者,則樂正法,何等為正事?謂正見,正志、正語、正業、正命、正方便、正念、正定。

(SA769/SN45:418) 謂八正道,是名正法乘、天乘,能調伏煩惱軍者。

(SA784/SN45:858) 何等為正志?謂出要志、無恚志、不害志。何等為正語?謂離妄語、離兩舌、離惡口、離綺語。何等為正業?謂離殺、盜、婬。何等為正方便?謂欲、精進、方便、勤競。

(SA749/SN45:137) 若無明為前相,生諸惡不善法。若起明為前相,生諸善法,慚愧隨生,能生正見,起正志乃至正定。

(SA752/SN45:304) 能斷愛欲,


(SA79627) 為沙門法。何等為沙門果?謂須陀洹果、斯陀含果、阿那含果、阿羅漢果。