Period 2: Late Antiquity

50A.D. to 550A.D.

26 texts in 7 languages

Starts with Asvaghosa (90A.D.) and ends with Wenxuan (531A.D.)

Greek, Latin  Avestan Sanskrit Pali, Prakrit  Chinese
Bible  Avesta  Asvaghosa  Buddhaghosa  Wang Bi
Origen   Vimalakirtinirdesa Sutra   Sattasai (Prakrit) Zhuangzizhu 
Diogenes Laertius   Manava Dharmasastra   Mahavamsa Ge Hong
Plotinus   Yoga Sutra    Shishuo Xinyu 
  Eusebius   Kalidasa   Tao Hongjing 
Augustine (Latin)      Pancatantra    Wenxuan
Pseudo-Dionysius Aeropagite   Bhartrhari    
7 1  9  3  6

This was the golden age of the South Asian tradition, during which Buddhism spread to East Asia, where Daoism as a religious tradition started in a very intertwined way with the import and establishment of Buddhism. The ancient religions of Zoroastrianism and Jainism also got codified in canonical texts in this period. In the West, Christian tradition was founded, with most critical texts originated from the areas right outside of what we call Europe nowadays.