List of 12

Traditions Genre Total
History Philosophy Literature
Western  5. Bible 1. Herodotus 12. Kant 11. Shakespeare  4 
South Asian 2. Samyutta Nikaya   8. Sankara  3. Mahabharata  3
East Asian   4. Sima Qian 10. Sishu Zhangju Jizhu  6. Wenxuan 3 
 CWANA 7. Quran   9. al-Ghazali   2 
Total 3  2  4  3  12 

This is a reasonably good representative list, and I feel good about this even from a Period perspectives (every of the 7 Periods is represented - thus Kant rather than Plato for example). One thing I have not been able to balance here is language - the barrier is finding a Latin (or at least a Romance) lanaguage text to fill one of the 4 slots in the Western tradition. If I can fix the Latin language problem, I suppose it is not hard to change al-Ghazali to a Persian-language literature text to create a true "perfect balance".